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Knowing how to take advantage of your Medicaid services doesn’t have to leave you feeling overwhelmed or confused. At Nova Smile Dental, we have a team of individuals who can help make the process easy to understand. Whether it’s explaining your benefits, filing a claim, or learning how to take advantage of available coverage, you can count on us to provide you and your family with the affordable dental care you need. Call us today if you have any questions and would like to talk to someone about your Medicaid plan.

How Does Medicaid Work?

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Medicaid is a state program that provides dental coverage to children who are under the age of 21. As a federal law, it is the responsibility of each state to ensure those who are not legally deemed adults receive necessary oral healthcare.

As part of the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) initiative, Medicaid makes it possible for children to be checked for dental problems early on and receive necessary treatment as soon as possible.

This can include assisting in maintaining a child’s dental health, relieving pain and infection, restorative care, and treating emergency cases. Also, preventive services such as dental exams and cleanings, fluoride treatment, X-rays, and dental sealants are included.

If necessary, restorative services may also be provided, including crowns, root canals, oral surgery, and fillings.

Medicaid Dental Coverage for Adults

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Within the state of Virginia, adults who have Medicaid may only receive limited coverage if it is a medically necessary form of treatment. This means that in an emergency, you can undergo essential care that works to improve the health and state of your smile. Any cosmetic or preventive services may not be eligible for coverage.

However, if you are enrolled in Smiles for Children (SFC), which is the state’s Medicaid dental program for adults and children, you may be eligible to receive additional care.

As of July 2021, those who are 21 years of age and older and enrolled in Medicaid can take advantage of adult benefits, which can include preventive and restorative care (i.e., exams and cleanings, X-rays, root canals, fillings, gum disease treatment, etc.). 

Why Prevention Matters for a Healthier Smile

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Keeping your smile healthy as well as your child’s is vital to not only enjoying a better quality of life but also saving thousands on oral healthcare. While Medicaid can help offset the cost of treatment, it’s always better to be proactive about taking proper care of you and your family’s smiles year-round. Adopting good oral hygiene habits at home is a great place to start as well as keeping regular dental appointments, eating healthy foods, giving up unhealthy habits, and wearing protective mouth gear when playing sports.