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A dental emergency is any situation that poses an immediate threat to the health of your teeth and supporting tissues. Dental emergencies are often the result of impact to the mouth, but they also can be caused by infection. To ensure the best possible outcome, any dental emergency should be evaluated by a professional immediately. Call Nova Smile Dental for emergency dentistry in Annandale, VA at 703.763.0800. Emergency dental care is a general dental treatment that can help prevent future dental problems.

Emergency Dental Frequently Asked Questions

Learn what to do if you have a dental emergency before visiting our dental office:

What do I do if I have a tooth that is knocked out?

For permanent teeth that are knocked out, rinse the tooth and put it back in the socket. If you can’t get the tooth back in the socket, place it in a container of milk, water, or saliva to keep it moist. Do not touch the roots (handle the tooth by the crown) and don’t brush the tooth. Contact us immediately for information and emergency treatment – the sooner you get to us, the more likely we can save your tooth! For baby teeth that are unexpectedly knocked out, leave them out and contact us immediately for instructions.

How do I treat a severe toothache?

Severe tooth pain, sensitivity, or toothaches are often signs of a gum infection or tooth abscess. Because of this, it is important to contact our dental office so we may determine the cause of your pain. In the meantime, you can take pain medication and apply a cold compress to the jaw to minimize swelling. Keep the compress on until we can treat you.

What do I do if my dental crown, bridge, or denture is broken or lost?

Try to locate your dental restoration if it is broken. If you cannot find it, call our dental office and we will help create a replacement for you. We will also provide you with a temporary restoration in the meantime. Sometimes we are able to reattach restorations if they are damaged, but we often prefer to provide patients with new restorations.

How do I treat my broken or fractured tooth?

If you have just chipped or broken a tooth, call our dental office for cosmetic treatment. Common treatments that can address tooth damage may include porcelain veneers, dental crowns, or tooth bonding. Dental crowns cover more extensive areas of damage and provide strength to weakened teeth. Veneers and dental bonding improve the aesthetics of chips, cracks, and even discoloration in the tooth enamel. Breaks in the tooth enamel can expose the inner nerves to bacteria. Because of this, it is important for our team to inspect your injured tooth. We can prevent a tooth infection.

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If you do not have an immediate dental emergency, schedule a dental appointment with our team online. You may also call Nova Smile Dental at 703.763.0800. We welcome new and existing patients to call our dental office if they require emergency dental treatment.

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