What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Dr. Salari provides full mouth reconstructions to patients in her Annandale, VA dental office. A full mouth reconstruction utilizes multiple treatments to address damaged, missing, or infected teeth. Patients with multiple dental problems can get the care they need at Nova Smile Dental. Dr. Salari collaborates with her patients to construct the smile of their dreams. Improving the durability and aesthetics of the smile also improves patient’s confidence and overall oral health.

Treatments for a Full Mouth Reconstruction

There are multiple treatments that Dr. Salari uses for a full mouth rehabilitation:

  • Dental Implants: One of the most versatile dental restorations, dental implants restore missing teeth at the source. Dental implants are titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone. They are often used to replace single lost teeth or may secure dental bridges and dentures. Implants also function just like natural teeth.
  • Porcelain Veneers: Made up of thin shells of porcelain ceramic, our dental veneers cover the front of the tooth’s surface. Dental veneers are permanent cosmetic restorations that are securely bonded to teeth.
  • Tooth Bonding: Like porcelain veneers, tooth bonding is used to cover damage and discoloration. However, bonding is most often used for chips and cracks in the tooth enamel. Bonding is a quicker and more economical alternative to dental veneers, although veneers are more permanent.
  • Dental Crowns: Dental crowns are tooth caps that fully cover stained or damaged teeth. Patients with missing or worn teeth benefit from crowns as they strengthen the smile and look like natural teeth.
  • Gum Disease Treatment: Periodontitis, or gum disease, is a common yet destructive dental problem. Dr. Salari uses multiple methods to remove the infection from the gums. Scaling and root planing, antibacterial mouth wash, and laser dentistry help reverse deep gum pockets and add structure to the smile.

Restore Your Smile Today

Do you want a brand new smile? Ask our office about full mouth rehabilitation. Request a dental appointment with Dr. Salari on our website or call Nova Smile Dental at 703.763.0800. Feel free to let our team know if you have any questions. We will be happy to help.