How Can Dental Crowns Help My Smile?

If your tooth sustains damage, your dentist will likely want to protect it from further harm with a dental crown. This ceramic cap fits over a vulnerable tooth, shielding it from external stimuli.

A crown is a common dental solution and offers a variety of oral health advantages. Dr. Marjan Salari, a dentist practicing in Annandale, VA, outlines four benefits you can experience with restorative treatment from a dental crown.

dental crown procedure in Annandale Virginia

4 Benefits of Dental Crowns

Replace Weakened Enamel

The outer layer of your tooth, enamel, protects the underlying dentin from being stimulated. Over time, enamel can erode, leaving the dentin exposed and causing painful tooth sensitivity.

Enamel cannot regrow on its own, so dentists recommend covering the affected tooth with a dental crown if enamel wears away. The crown replaces thinned or weakened enamel and stops stimuli from reaching dentin, alleviating sensitivity pain.

Whiten Stained Teeth

Tooth discoloration can form due to poor oral hygiene habits as well as factors beyond a patient’s control, such as aging. Deep stains on your teeth might not respond to cosmetic treatment.

Your dentist may use a dental crown to help patients brighten their smiles. Crowns are custom-made to suit the unique needs and aesthetic goals of each patient. They can be assured they will get a beautiful, natural-looking finish.

Repair Tooth Breakage

Though teeth are durable, accidents can happen that cause chips, cracks, or fractures in a patient’s smile. Minor damage can be amended through cosmetic dental solutions, but severe tooth breakage may need treatment with a crown.

Cracks and chips can leave teeth sore, but they may also be at risk of infections or other issues if left untreated. A dental crown will protect the damaged tooth and prevent these issues from developing.

Cover Tooth After Dental Work

Dental crowns are effective treatments on their own, but they can also be beneficial elements in other dental work. For instance, a crown can serve as a prosthetic tooth atop a dental implant. It can also cover a tooth after root canal therapy, preserving the treatment and protecting it from recurrent concerns.

Dental Crown Procedures in Annandale, VA

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